Derailed Thumb

DeRailed is an action puzzle game about steering trains through a grid of tracks. Two trains, the blue TransInterContinental and the orange Unionated Cargo, start at the left edge of the screen. The mouse highlights four squares in the grid, and clicking rotates the four highlighted squares clockwise both in position and orientation. The two trains behave slightly differently - the blue car will travel straight if it can, and only make a turn if it must, and the orange car will turn if it has the option, and only go straight if it must. There is a bonus for keeping both trains alive, as well as passing through the center square of the board. A common strategy is to allow one of the cars to crash early on, and steer the survivor around the board for as long as possible.

DeRailed was originally created for a contest on Gaia. All of the music used in it is in the public domain.

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